torstai 7. marraskuuta 2013


I am a very proud and happy person now: I got ACED! That means Oracle has awarded me by giving me a title 'Oracle ACE Director'. There is maybe 10 women in the whole world with this title and maybe about 100 people in total. I am so proud and honored. Thank you all for supporting my nomination and thank you very much for all the nice words!

Now I feel I must start blogging more frequently. It will be hard because my day job is very demanding and I travel quite a lot for all kinds of events but I promise to do my best. After hearing my friends I have decided to move to Please follow me there!


perjantai 1. marraskuuta 2013

DOAG 2013

I will be at the fantastic DOAG 2013 conference in Nuremberg, Germany (Nov 19-21). I will present on the 19th at noon with a topic: 9 use cases for Data Modeler. Hope to see you all there!

Change in my posts

Many people have asked me why I do not write about technical issues and tips and tricks on Data Modeler. I present in many events, give courses and write whitepapers but I do not publish.

Ok. I hear you and even stranger: I agree with you. I should write about Data Modeler, database design, data architecture, MDM, and everything I work with every day. I could also write about WIT issues because I am a living example of a woman that is standing on her own way:) When ever I succeed on anything I personally make sure I find something that is not perfect and get myself down very fast. I do not let myself enjoy the success. Isn't that funny! You won't believe the stories I can tell about that...

So keep reading...interesting articles coming...


I think this OOW was the best OOW I have attended. The main reason is that I have so many friends attending the conference and this time I was also travelling with one (Elise). Every morning we started with the 6.30 session (please organize that also next year, it is fantastic for us Europeans who have terrible jetlag). I had many good meeting during the OOW and I made lots of new friends. For some years alredy I have had a short meeting with Mark Hurd during the OOW and so I did this year too (thank you GCP for organizing it!). This meeting was very good and I believe Mark sees the value of users groups to Oracle and so he shoud: users groups represenst a huge number of customers...
There is also another tradition during the OOW: air hockey tournament with Alex Nuijten. He keeps winning every year but this year I almost won: if I had not made so many goals in my own "basket" he would not have won me. I told him that he had the best player in his team: me:)

There is also a third tradition: having a lunch with a certain Finnish friend during the OOW but this year she was not there. She is seriously sick but getting better. I wish her all the best and get well soon. We need to have our lunch next year again!

This year I did not go to the Wednesday party. Instead I had a super nice dinner with friends in a garlic restaurant. Thank you Kellyn and Tim for organizing it! I enjoyed a lot.

I have problems with travelling as a CEO of a growing company and mother of two teenagers but I must say this OOW was worth all the trouble.

sunnuntai 29. syyskuuta 2013

OOW13, Sunday

Sunday was a big day for me: it is always the users group day and this time I had my presentation on Sunday morning (at 9.15am). I was a bit nervous that maybe nobody will show up (I saw from the system that there were 119 preregistered people but still...). But no fear: the room was almost full! I am so happy so many people are interested in Data Modeler! I think the presentation went well (I am a Finn and this is the best I can say :) ). And the audience was making lots of questions and brilliant questions in deed. I enjoyed so much!

The next thing was to find the users group booth. That was not an easy task this year: they had moved it to one of the corridors and in the spot we usually were there were just rubbish pins. What a waste I just want to say! I hope next year we are again in the old spot...

Ok and of course there is always lots of food at the OOW too. I started the morning with my dear friends Julian and Elise and we had a great breakfast at 7.15 am. Lunch with many friends having several meeting at the same time (with Oracle, with Miracle A/S, with Fare&Square,...). An dinner first with the ACE people (thank you Viki and Lillian, I had a great time!) and then with the Finns (thank you Katja and Ari, the food was just amazing!).

After all the excitement and food ready to sleep to be ready for Monday and 6.30 am session...

Heli is back and the Oracle Open World

Oh dear! What has happened to me! I have totally forgotten my blog!
I know you can guess I have been busy but still I feel very bad about this. I promise I will make it up and write about everything that has happened since my last post.

I just got back from the Oracle Open World and thanks to insomnia I remembered many undone things like my blog.

Oracle Open World was great as always but I think this year was very special because I already have so many friends on the Oracle community (OTN. users groups, Oaktable) that it is a big reunion of dear friends. I am so grateful to have you all as my friends!

I was planning to arrive on Friday to be able to do and see something on Saturday. I was hesitating should it be wineyards or prison and with a slight pressure from my friend ended up with the prison...but American Airlines had other plans in mind... We arrived in NYC in time (actually a bit ahead) and learned that our flight was delayed by an hour, later by two hours. Finally on the plane...waiting...waiting...waiting...We almost get up but then the captain realized the plane is not ok so back to the gate and waiting...waiting... Ok, this plane will fly nowhere because it is broken so out and to another gate and to another plane. Waiting at the gate...waiting...waiting...Finally to the plane. And guess what...waiting..waiting... Then the captain (the same one) says that this plane is also broken but no fear they are already fixing it and will take no more than 30min and it will be ok again. Waiting...waiting...hour? hour and a half? Finally the captain says that he hates to say this and it is too embarassing but this plane will fly nowhere either. So out again and to the gate to hear what's next. Shops closed, restaurants closed, no food no water...
A lot of more waiting. Finally a van to an "airport hotel" (not sure which airport, it was 1h by hightway so not too close to Kennedy for sure) and to a new line (200-300 people arriving to the hotel at 3-4am and just one lady on the desk taking photocopies on our passports etc). Finally to the room, two hours of sleep and back to the airport. The plane was delayed again and my guess is that they forgot to pick up all the passangers from the hotel and had to send a bus to pick the rest of the passangers. Too funny!
Ok. The plane started and we finally got to SFO and ready for the OOW13! Almost 24h later that planned and very tired but still... I am sure that OOW13 is something I will remember for a long time:)

tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2012

Nordic User Group Oracle ACE Tour

October and Nordic User Group Oracle ACE Tour.
Selected ACE Directors (Carl Dudley, Tanel Poder, Alex Nujiten, Mark Rittman, Sten Vesterli) will travel to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland to present to the user group audience. In Finland we will also have our own ACE Director Julian Dontcheff telling us about the new Oracle 12c! You still have time to join Finland is October 26th.