perjantai 18. marraskuuta 2011


Milena and her team have organized an excellent conference again!
So in Bulgaria now enjoying an excellent presentation about APEX from Dimitri Gielis.

My presentation will be tomorrow so today I have plenty of time to enjoy these great presentations.

In the evening there will be a big party with Bulgarian dances so I just hope at least some of the people are awake in the morning for my's so great to be the first presenter in the morning after a party ;)

P.S. The party was great and people did come to my presentation in the morning! Even though the great Doug Burns was presenting in the next room... Thank you for attending my session and thank you for the great feedback!

Data Modeler

Just heard the rumour again: Data Modeler is not going to live long.
Where does that rumour comes from and everywhere around the globe? Oracle, please do something to stop that.

I must say I do not believe in that rumour. I am very sure Data Modeler will live for long. I have heard about many projects where people are replacing their previous tool with Data Modeler and the support I get from Oracle to my project has been fantastic (thank you Philip!) so I have all the reasons to believe Data Modeler will live for long.


I attended the first time the DOAG conference in Nuremberg, Germany. What a fantastic conference!

The venue is brilliant, food is excellent and presentations in 20 tracks! And something very unique: in our conference batches we had a train ticket which allowed us to use the train as many times during the conference days as we wanted. Very useful!

I had the pleasure to present at the conference. I was speaking in the biggest room Tokyo with a person translating every word I said to German. That was a very interesting experience. I hope people enjoyed attending my presentation as much as I enjoyed presenting.

Dear DOAG, please invite me next year again! I really enjoyed!

keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2011

Jonathan Lewis in Finland

I attended a Jonathan Lewis' course for two days. Brilliant two days! The theme was Optimising Oracle and that is exactly what we have been learning now. If you ever have a chance to attend this course, please do. Absolutely great!