perjantai 24. kesäkuuta 2011

Slovenia, I am on my way!

On the last minute I submitted a paper for the SIOUG event in September. I will talk about database design with Data Modeler in agile projects. That should be very interesting. Hope to see you all in Slovenia!

The kindest thing ever

During the OUG Harmony 2011 one of the attendees came to me and said: Heli, I still remember your presentation about SQL tuning some years back (I checked that and it was year 2000!). I agreed on most you said but there were couple of things I am not sure if I agree. If you are not a member of Mensa you should apply.

That was the kindest thing to say, ever! I am so proud!

Timo, if you read my blog: thank you!

In Finland we are celebrating the mid-summer now. One of the biggest celebrations during a year. Hyvää juhannusta!

lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

Social skills for DBAs?

This week was a busy but interesting week. When I think back the most interesting question to me this week was, would I be able to teach the DBAs social skills and soft ideas. So a class for Oracle DBAs about social skills. I just love the idea! I have been a developer, I have been a DBA, I have been a project manager. Name the position on IT and I have probably done that. And I have been teaching many things during my career (more than 20 years, goodness). But this is defetenely the best thing anybody has ever asked. I love the idea! And I think not the only thing to teach would be the soft side of beeing a DBA but also how to make the other people in your project/company to see how important you are for them as an excellent DBA. You know the problem with beeing an excellent DBA is that nobody will notice you because everything works like a charm. DBA is only noticed when something goes terribly wrong and a good DBA tries to avoid that.

I will defenetely start planning this course!

lauantai 4. kesäkuuta 2011

Thoughts on user groups

I have just checked the feedback on Harmony 2011. According to the feedback we must have Harmony 2012! I am glad everybody enjoyed and that they want more. That is so great!
Now I just need some rest before even thinking about the next Harmony. But I am quite sure (I already know myself :)) that after the summer vacation I also want to have Harmony 2012.
BTW our Hyperion users will have their event in August (24th) and our RAC sig will probably meet in September. And yes, November the 3rd will be the OUGF conference in Helsinki. So much work but also so much fun.

Autumn will be very busy with all the UG events and the OOW. I will host the OOW Sunday for the EOUC with Ralf Koelling from DOAG. Let's see how many people will show up for the great program the EOUC will deliver for the Sunday.

And my dear friends Cindy and Ronald will have their wedding in NYC in August. I must go there! Ronald is the one who has taught me everything I know about MySQL and the one who I always ask if I have questions about MySQL. And Cindy knows everything about Japan and the Asian history. She even speaks Japanese!

User groups are great but the most valuable thing I have got from my work with use groups is great friends around the globe! I do not care I do not get any money on my work or that sometimes I even must use my own money to be able to work for user groups as long as working for user groups let's me meet my friends and make new friend in every event. This is my journey to be a better person by meeting interesting people and learning more and more every day.

I just wish my calendar would have more months per year that just the 12 everybody has and more hours per day than the lousy 24...

keskiviikko 1. kesäkuuta 2011

Janez from Slovenia

I just had a dinner with the president of Slovenian Oracle user group, Janez. It was so nice meeting him again and sharing ideas on co-operation and user group activities. Nothing beats a good, old fashioned meeting face-to-face. Now I must submit to the Slovenian UG event in September. I think I will talk about database design with Data Modeler.