lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

Social skills for DBAs?

This week was a busy but interesting week. When I think back the most interesting question to me this week was, would I be able to teach the DBAs social skills and soft ideas. So a class for Oracle DBAs about social skills. I just love the idea! I have been a developer, I have been a DBA, I have been a project manager. Name the position on IT and I have probably done that. And I have been teaching many things during my career (more than 20 years, goodness). But this is defetenely the best thing anybody has ever asked. I love the idea! And I think not the only thing to teach would be the soft side of beeing a DBA but also how to make the other people in your project/company to see how important you are for them as an excellent DBA. You know the problem with beeing an excellent DBA is that nobody will notice you because everything works like a charm. DBA is only noticed when something goes terribly wrong and a good DBA tries to avoid that.

I will defenetely start planning this course!

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