sunnuntai 18. joulukuuta 2011

Presentation in Finland

So I told you before that I will present in Finland and in Finnish and that is what I did. And I must say I loved it. Maybe I will do it again!

Amazing thing happened. In the audience there was somebody very knowledgeable dba I know from years and years. After my presentation he came to me and said that he would love to learn more about database design and if possible he would like me presenting for a longer session to teach the basics and how to do the design on Data Modeler. I was really happy for this kind of feedback. So no choice: starting to prepare a presentation about database design on Data Modeler...

Database design with Data Modeler and problem solving with OEM 12c

That is what I have done lately: designed databases and solved performance problems. My nice idea was that if you design your database well you will not need to solve so many performance problems. Ok, I was partially right but also partially wrong. Good database is nothing if you use it wrongly. And I told about this problem also in my presentations about database design. Now I just need to solve this problem as well...

So two new presentations coming from me (do not know the real titles yet but just to get the idea):
- Database design with Data Modeler
- Solving performance problems with Data Modeler and OEM 12c

Interesting times...

tiistai 13. joulukuuta 2011

ER model

Yesterday I was solving (again) a problem on an sql clause that did not perform well enough.
When I solve this kind of problems I usually draw a picture of the query: tables, joins, where conditions etc. Just yesterday I got a great idea: use the ER model as the base for the drawing! So print out the ER model and draw the aliases, joins, wheres etc on that picture. You will save time and the drawing looks very clear!

I did solve the problem and the ER helpped me a lot: missing join, too many outer joins (on tables where the relationship is mandatory) etc.

Feel free to use this tip unless you are already using this method.

SQL Developer and Data Modeler

Today I will present in Finland and in Finnish. I am going to talk about SQL Developer and Data Modeler. What are they? What can you do with them? And most importantly how can you design your database with Data Modeler. Fingers crossed...
I am sure my time will run out, so much to say!

torstai 8. joulukuuta 2011

From Oracle Designer to Data Modeler

As I have mentioned before I am in a project where we are replacing Oracle Designer (for a huuuge environment) with Data Modeler. I did not get this idea myself but somebody came to me and asked why am I not speking to other Designer/ Erwin etc users how to do it? Is it difficult? What changes? What is the same? ect...
That is actually a great idea! I think 30 min should do because it is actually really simple. The difficult parts are the changes in system development processes but I speak about those in my other presentations already and they have nothing to do with Data Modeler but with the changing world. This is actually very good continuation to my presentations about database design. Thank you!