tiistai 24. toukokuuta 2011

Database design, where is that?

Why is database design not fashionable anymore? Why people think the database design is a side product of something greater? Why do bosses think that anybody can 'design' a database?

Why, why and why.
We just had the honor of having THE C.J. Date in Finland telling about database design and all that jazz. It was really great to hear such a guru saying that databases still need to be designed and people designing the databases must be professional people knowing the basics (at least!) of the relational theory.

I have seen it too many times that the design is poor (if any) and then the one to be blamed is Oracle. Hello! Not even Oracle can make miracles.

Would you let your dentist to make a heart surgery to you? No. So why do you think it's ok that the database is 'designed' by the person who has the most free time at the project team and not by the person who knows it best?

Data is the most valuable property to most companies, everybody knows that. But why is it not taken care the way it should?

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