torstai 6. lokakuuta 2011

On my way home from the OOW11

I am at the airport waiting for my plane. What a busy week it was!
I arrived on Saturday around noon. GCP reception and then to Graham's house for a lovely party. Thank you Graham!

Sunday was great. The EOUC booth was busy and the EOUC track well-taken. I think next year we should have two EOUC tracks! I was so busy on Sunday with all the EOUC work and meetings that I even missed Larry's keynote. ACE dinner on Sunday and then to the Finnish dinner for a drink ( I am still not able to eat two dinners which was a shame).

Monday early up and a breakfast session on engineered systems for SAP at 7. Some sessions, meetings and finally the launch of OEM 12c. I think I will like this product!

Tuesday early up again and a breakfast session on exadata. Very good session! I think I finally understand this now! Chief Security Officer Summit. A lot of new to learn and a great session about managing crises. Loved that presentation! Dinner at the academy of science. What a place for a dinner! Then a glas of wine with some friends and up to bed.

Wednesday like all other mornings 7 am the first session, this time on exalogic. Meetings and sessions. Had to skip the executive roundtable but had a great meeting with Mark Hurd. Looks like he understands the value of having active and strong user groups!
Larry's keynote (welldone Larry!) and during the keynote the sad news about Steve Jobs. Great man, big loss. Bloggers meetup and Paul's great speech for the memory of Steve Jobs.
Finally to Treasure island for the party. Sting was great but I was too tired to stay any longer after he stopped playing. Sorry I didn't hear the rest but can not do everything.

Thursday, already too tired and speaking Finnish to all my closest friends (who do not understand much Finnish;)). Meetings on WebLogic and Hyperion but no energy to go to any sessions.

Great event! I am glad I made the effort to come here! But can not wait to be home again!

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