tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2012


Here we are, October. Just got back from the OOW2012 in San Francisco. 10 hours time difference...

I think this OOW was the best so far. Can not wait to see if next year is even better!

The week was really busy. Started every morning at 7.30 and finish late in the evening (no wonder I am so tired!). I had great meetings with lots of people (including Mark Hurd), I co-hosted the International pavillion in Moscone West, I attended some presentations, I had two dinners every evening and once again I did not have the chance to see San Francisco. The usual OOW:)
A special thanks to the ACE program! We had a great dinner at a fancy yacht club. And a special thanks to Julian Dontcheff who took me to the VIP in Treasure Island! And of course to the user group people who always do their best to make our events perfect.

But what made this OOW special was that I was also presenting. At OOW2008 I was presenting but decided not to do it again because the week is too busy already. I am glad I forgot that decision:) I enjoyed presenting so much! The room was packed! And the audience was just fantastic: they asked so many questions! And I believe that Oracle was also happy with me because I was promised a bigger room next year:) Alright, I missed a Q&A with Larry and free drinks from Oracle Finland because that all happened at the same time with my presentation but who cares: I enjoyed presenting so much I would not have changed it for anything! Oh, BTW I was talking about database design with Data Modeler....my favourite topic...

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