tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2012

OUG Harmony 2012

May and OUG Harmony. First in Aulanko, Finland (May 30-31) and the in Riga, Latvia (June 1). I do not usually speak in my "own" conference but this time I was asked to tell about Data Modeler in Finnish. And I enjoyed it a lot! Usually my presentations are in English but this year I have been speaking Finnish quite a lot: I have presented at Oracle events (for customers and for partners), I have given some courses and finally presented at the Harmony. New page on my book just turned...

OUG Harmony was great! Aulanko is so beautiful, presentations great and food and drinks just amazing. And we had our own band playing at the night club. We may call it the "OUGF band" because we really saved the band. They just lost their bass player (he plays keyboards, very confusing, so bass keybords I guess) and we (the OUGF) found them a new bass player just perfectly for the Harmony. User groups can do anything:)

Next Harmony to come: April 16th, 2013....

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