sunnuntai 29. syyskuuta 2013

Heli is back and the Oracle Open World

Oh dear! What has happened to me! I have totally forgotten my blog!
I know you can guess I have been busy but still I feel very bad about this. I promise I will make it up and write about everything that has happened since my last post.

I just got back from the Oracle Open World and thanks to insomnia I remembered many undone things like my blog.

Oracle Open World was great as always but I think this year was very special because I already have so many friends on the Oracle community (OTN. users groups, Oaktable) that it is a big reunion of dear friends. I am so grateful to have you all as my friends!

I was planning to arrive on Friday to be able to do and see something on Saturday. I was hesitating should it be wineyards or prison and with a slight pressure from my friend ended up with the prison...but American Airlines had other plans in mind... We arrived in NYC in time (actually a bit ahead) and learned that our flight was delayed by an hour, later by two hours. Finally on the plane...waiting...waiting...waiting...We almost get up but then the captain realized the plane is not ok so back to the gate and waiting...waiting... Ok, this plane will fly nowhere because it is broken so out and to another gate and to another plane. Waiting at the gate...waiting...waiting...Finally to the plane. And guess what...waiting..waiting... Then the captain (the same one) says that this plane is also broken but no fear they are already fixing it and will take no more than 30min and it will be ok again. Waiting...waiting...hour? hour and a half? Finally the captain says that he hates to say this and it is too embarassing but this plane will fly nowhere either. So out again and to the gate to hear what's next. Shops closed, restaurants closed, no food no water...
A lot of more waiting. Finally a van to an "airport hotel" (not sure which airport, it was 1h by hightway so not too close to Kennedy for sure) and to a new line (200-300 people arriving to the hotel at 3-4am and just one lady on the desk taking photocopies on our passports etc). Finally to the room, two hours of sleep and back to the airport. The plane was delayed again and my guess is that they forgot to pick up all the passangers from the hotel and had to send a bus to pick the rest of the passangers. Too funny!
Ok. The plane started and we finally got to SFO and ready for the OOW13! Almost 24h later that planned and very tired but still... I am sure that OOW13 is something I will remember for a long time:)

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