sunnuntai 29. syyskuuta 2013

OOW13, Sunday

Sunday was a big day for me: it is always the users group day and this time I had my presentation on Sunday morning (at 9.15am). I was a bit nervous that maybe nobody will show up (I saw from the system that there were 119 preregistered people but still...). But no fear: the room was almost full! I am so happy so many people are interested in Data Modeler! I think the presentation went well (I am a Finn and this is the best I can say :) ). And the audience was making lots of questions and brilliant questions in deed. I enjoyed so much!

The next thing was to find the users group booth. That was not an easy task this year: they had moved it to one of the corridors and in the spot we usually were there were just rubbish pins. What a waste I just want to say! I hope next year we are again in the old spot...

Ok and of course there is always lots of food at the OOW too. I started the morning with my dear friends Julian and Elise and we had a great breakfast at 7.15 am. Lunch with many friends having several meeting at the same time (with Oracle, with Miracle A/S, with Fare&Square,...). An dinner first with the ACE people (thank you Viki and Lillian, I had a great time!) and then with the Finns (thank you Katja and Ari, the food was just amazing!).

After all the excitement and food ready to sleep to be ready for Monday and 6.30 am session...

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