perjantai 1. marraskuuta 2013


I think this OOW was the best OOW I have attended. The main reason is that I have so many friends attending the conference and this time I was also travelling with one (Elise). Every morning we started with the 6.30 session (please organize that also next year, it is fantastic for us Europeans who have terrible jetlag). I had many good meeting during the OOW and I made lots of new friends. For some years alredy I have had a short meeting with Mark Hurd during the OOW and so I did this year too (thank you GCP for organizing it!). This meeting was very good and I believe Mark sees the value of users groups to Oracle and so he shoud: users groups represenst a huge number of customers...
There is also another tradition during the OOW: air hockey tournament with Alex Nuijten. He keeps winning every year but this year I almost won: if I had not made so many goals in my own "basket" he would not have won me. I told him that he had the best player in his team: me:)

There is also a third tradition: having a lunch with a certain Finnish friend during the OOW but this year she was not there. She is seriously sick but getting better. I wish her all the best and get well soon. We need to have our lunch next year again!

This year I did not go to the Wednesday party. Instead I had a super nice dinner with friends in a garlic restaurant. Thank you Kellyn and Tim for organizing it! I enjoyed a lot.

I have problems with travelling as a CEO of a growing company and mother of two teenagers but I must say this OOW was worth all the trouble.

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